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Diversity and Inclusion

ICAEW is committed to Diversity and Inclusion. In this hub we bring together timely D&I resources on regulation and equality, along with our latest insights into diversity in the profession. We also encourage you to share your own voice and experiences as we all work towards a world of strong, inclusive economies.

Take a look at ICAEW’s diversity and inclusion policy

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Diversity and the accounting profession

Improving diversity is not just a legal imperative. The concept of diversity is an inherent good with ubiquitous appeal and ethical, social and commercial value for accounting firms. But while good practices are developing, the profession still has some way to go in the transition to becoming more diverse.

ICAEW marks Black History Month

30 September 2020: In the wake of recent global unrest, this year’s Black History Month takes on a new resonance. ICAEW Chief Executive Michael Izza outlines the challenges accountancy faces regarding representation and how ICAEW intends to drive change.

Together: ICAEW's LGBT+ network

Together is ICAEW’s employee network focused on lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans+ (LGBT+) issues. Our mission is to create an open, progressive and informed working environment to support ICAEW's employees and stakeholders.

Diversity: rights, guidance and knowing where you stand

28 February 2020: today we talk in terms of diversity, but a decade ago the language was more around equality and discrimination. The passing of the Equality Act 2010 was the game changer that informs our understanding of diversity today, but the history of equality or anti-discrimination legislation is one of gradual change.